About Maruru Air

Maruru Air is a distributor and agent for Port-A-Cool® products in South Africa. We strive to not only be the largest supplier of Clean Cool air to the African market but also to provide superior Quality, Service and Maintenance to our customers. We ensure the world class technology and methodology employed is friendly on the environment and user friendly for our customers.

The owners and management pledge to be directly involved with our customers and to address their needs with urgency and integrity.

Maruru Air is located in 22 Watt Street, Middelburg, South Africa. We have a full range of Port-A-Cool® units available for demonstration either at our office or at your premises if required.

Port-A-Cool® is an amazing portable cooler, fully developed in the summer of 1992, which offers many exciting versatile options for portable cooling were standard air-conditioning may be unavailable, impractical or cost prohibitive. Most people sleep better, enjoy activities and work with more productivity when the temperature is pleasant. Port-A-Cool® cooling products provide air that makes you comfortable at work or at play.

History Of The Evaporative Cooling Phenomenon

The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used wet mats (what we would call cooling pads today) to cool indoor air. They hung the mats over the doors of their tents and other dwellings. When wind blew through the mats, evaporation of the water cooled the air inside. The people of India later used this method to cool the royal palaces.

During the 1500's the first mechanical fan was built to provide ventilation. In 1800, textile manufacturers in New England began using water evaporative systems to condition the air in their mills. The systems consisted of large "cooling towers" with fans that transported the water-cooled air inside buildings.

In 1939 "swamp cooler" type devices were produced and presented relief from heat for homes and facilities. They cooled the temperature on certain days, when the relative humidity was low, around 8 degrees.

Evaporative Cooling And Port-A-Cool®

Port-A-Cool® portable evaporative cooling units are amazing products, fully developed in 1992, that offer many exciting and versatile options for cooling when standard air-conditioning may be unavailable, impractical or cost prohibitive. The units operate at a fraction of the cost of conventional air-conditioning and are capable of reducing temperature up to 10 degrees or more, saving Port-A-Cool® customers hundreds, or even thousands of rand per season!

Since Port-A-Cool® products are state of the art, high efficiency, portable evaporative cooling systems, their high efficiency cooling media coupled with unique housing designs, allow Port-A-Cool® units to cool effectively even in very high humidity conditions, conditions that no other portable evaporative cooling device, such as a "swamp cooler" could possibly approach. Since Port-A-Cool® units are portable, they can be easily moved around shops, factories, back yards, sporting events and hundreds of other areas for maximum effectiveness, comfort and increased productivity.

Port-A-Cool® uses a specially designed ridged cooling media, contained in a properly designed housing to insure effective direction of the air over the water saturated media at the proper air velocity.