All terrain caster kit

heavy duty caster kit vinyl cover mineral treatment

All Terrain Caster Kit

8 inch casters for 48", 36", 24", JS1600, and 16"VT (4 per carton)

Heavy Duty Caster Kit

4 inch heavy duty polyolefin
(4 per carton)

Vinyl Cover

For 48”, 36”, 24”, 16”
Jetstream and Cyclone models

Mineral Treatment

Carton (6 bottles)

Filter frame Replacement filter Pump Shutoff switch

Filter Frame

Complete Pkg.
includes frame and filter
(specify size when ordering)

Replacement Filter

Includes 3 filters
Specify Size.
Not available for SFC or Cyclone

Pump Shutoff Switch

Automatic shut off for pump

190 Litre water tank

Polyethylene plastic housing

Replacement pads Louvers Adapter for ducting Variable speed filter

Replacement Pads

48", 36", 24", 16" models
and pads for Cyclone


Louver kits for
48", 36", 24", 16" models

Adapter for ducting

Ducting adapter for
16" and JS1600 models

Variable Speed Filler Cart

16 inch filler car model with variable speeds